Birthday Parties in Meatpacking District and NYC

Looking to celebrate your birthday in style? Whether it’s for a fabulous 40th or your first night on the town as a 21-year-old party animal, Megu is the place to choose for your special day. Our venue isn’t just made for excellent food and great drinks; it’s made for celebrations!

Trying to find a professional venue who can offer a great night out for a birthday party isn’t easy in the Meatpacking District. Most of the time, booking a restaurant party in New York City is a quick way to guarantee high prices, low quality service, and the simple bragging right to say that you partied it up in the Big Apple.

Megu’s here to change that.

At Megu, we offer decadent sushi and drinks without the pretentious price tag. Our location is in the heart of all the action and we make a point of bringing the excitement and elegance of New York City to your party. That’s why our reputation has become so solid, and why people keep choosing us as their go-to birthday venue.

There are a ton of reasons why birthday crowds from all walks of life choose to book their event at Megu. Here are just a handful of the things hosting an event at our venue will get you:

  • A menu filled with delicious Asian cuisine – including sushi and fusion fare. You don’t have to worry about picky eaters at Megu. We made a point to design a menu that has a little something for everyone, and have no problem ensuring that our clients get the food they enjoy, the way they enjoy it.

  • Great drinks. The bartenders at Megu are professionals who can mix a seriously good cocktail, really quick. Better still, Megu is known for having affordable drinks that are perfect for partying it up.

  • A fully trained, friendly yet professional staff team to help ensure every guest gets the fun they want. Drinks get served quickly, as does food. All of our service comes with a smile and the most professional presentation possible. Our staff also offers expertise in the party planning process, so if you need help figuring out what you need, we’re here for you.

  • A venue that’s fully equipped for decadent dance parties. Megu has excellent party amenities, including full sound system and a customized lighting rig. No matter how hard you want to party, Megu will be ready to take it on! The only thing you really need to add is a DJ.

  • Ambiance that is perfect for an elegant (but maybe a bit boisterous) party. In New York City, ambiance is everything. If you want to feel like an A-list celebrity, you need to experience the ambiance of one of the Meatpacking District’s hottest restaurants – and trust us, Megu’s got that magic!

  • Flexible planning that is custom-tailored to your party. Looking for a small gathering of friends and family? No problem. Need a room where you can fit at least 60 people? Just call ahead, and we can make it happen, too. We’re cool like that.

  • A special birthday dessert for your birthday boy or girl. Because it wouldn’t be a birthday party without it.

Booking a party at Megu is easy as can be, and part of that reason is because we’re not just a great restaurant – we’re an event space. We know how to throw amazing parties, because that’s what we do. The right venue can make or break your experience, so if you want to ensure that you get the most bang for your buck, and the best memories possible, it’s time to call Megu.


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