Pharmaceutical Speaker Meetings in MeatPacking District and NYC

When you are trying to get clients to listen to you about your new product, nothing is worse than making the act of sitting through the presentation bland – or worse, aggravating. In the world of pharmaceuticals, much of the ability to gain clients’ respect and trust is based on the way you carry out a presentation.

Of course, we’re not talking about your PowerPoint skills here.

Creating an engaging presentation alone is not enough; to make a great impression, you need to find a professional venue that will have your clients actually enjoy their time. The venue that you choose can easily make or break your ability to close clients and keep them engaged. For many sales reps, good food and drinks is the key to ensuring that they have a successful presentation that improves their network.  

Many of the top pharmaceutical companies make a point of seeking out upscale, trendy venues that provide superior food and service during presentation meetings. That’s why Megu has become one of the most popular pharmaceutical speaker venues in New York City’s famous Meatpacking District.

Having your “Drug Rep Dinner” at Megu means that you will have the following amenities ready and waiting for you:

  • A full lighting, sound, and presentation setup. We wouldn’t be a favorite pharmaceutical speaker venue if we didn’t have one of the finest setups in the Big Apple. Megu makes it possible to get your message across professionally and effortlessly – all you have to do is tell us what kind of setup you need.

  • Easy booking policies that work with your needs. Too often, booking a pharmaceutical dinner means that you will have to deal with restaurants that have extremely rigid policies and packages. This is aggravating and can make it difficult for reps to get what they actually need. That’s why Megu prides itself on being easy to work with and offering custom-tailored planning for your meeting.

  • An easy to access location. Worried about the hassle that travelers may have to make in order to get to the venue? At Megu, this is never an issue. The Meatpacking District is one of the most accessible parts of New York City – both by car and by subway. Never again will you have to worry about clients complaining about the insane drive or the difficulty they faced finding the venue.

  • World-class sushi, drinks, and fusion cuisine. Megu understands that the food and drinks you provide will have a serious impact on whether your clients will be happy.  Megu proves that you can have a venue that’s made for large parties that doesn’t rely on terrible catering menus. We also make a point of creating the best cocktails in town. Our menu has something for everyone and has become regularly recognized for its excellence.

  • A venue with an elegant, upscale, yet relaxed ambiance. Ambiance is everything when it comes to giving the right impression. That’s why we carefully crafted a venue that complements your image and works to keep your group engaged.

  • Staff members who really care about your presentation. Megu welcomes all pharmaceutical meetings with open arms – and that’s why our staff works tirelessly to exceed your expectations. We understand how tough the industry is and will go the extra miles to make things easier for both the speaker and guests alike.

In a world where impressions matter the most, we will always be ready to help you make yours last in the best way possible. Booking your next meeting at Megu means that you’ll get the best experience possible, at one of the hottest restaurants in the city.


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